Client Testimonials

Sijing and Peter (Buyers)

"Kristen was excellent and responsive! The real estate market was pretty competitive when we made our purchase and we finally got a home that was below our budget. Nicely done!"

Kurt (Buyer and Seller)

"Kristen did a fantastic job as our agent finding an off market listing and then selling our existing property at a price that exceeded our expectations. She was always very prompt in communication and willing to go above and beyond for us."

Alejandra (Buyer and Seller)

"Kristen was amazing - she went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. She was on top of things through the transaction, reminding us what was next, what needed to be done, deadlines for decision making, and answering any questions we had through the process of buying and selling our house. She was always available via phone, text and email.”

Dajun and Stefanie (Buyers)

"Beyond my expectations in every aspect! Kristen was considerate, patient, informative, and did a great job in price negotiation. Kristen helped us purchase our first home. It was absolutely a joyful experience working with her. We greatly appreciate her diligent, responsible, responsive and professional services.

We first met Kristen at an open house. We were impressed by her kindness and easygoing personality, her willingness to listen, and her passion to share insightful opinions. Therefore, we decided to work with her after comparing with several other agents we met.

Kristen is 100% customer obsessed. She is super responsive to messages and emails. She spent time to understand our needs and preferences, and put her comments on every property she recommended to us. She is diligent in showing us potential homes and flexible in accommodating our schedules. We are grateful that she always thinks for our good (if she thinks a property is not good for us, she tells us.) and never pushes us to buy or make an offer.

Kristen knows what she does. She walks us through everything regarding the home buying process, including financing, inspection, contracts, etc. She welcomes all my questions, no matter how basic or detailed they are. If she does not have an answer right away, she will do her research and follow up later.

At the time we were buying, it was a seller's market. Getting what you like at the price you want is not easy. We had been frustrated when we lost in the bidding game due to our limited budget. However, Kristen has always been positive and encouraging us. In the end, we decided to purchase a new-construction townhouse. Kristen managed to negotiate with the builder and got us a price $50K lower than what our neighbors got (with exactly the same layout and finishing).

We highly recommend Kristen. She is the kind of "worry-free" agent, who takes care almost everything. Most importantly, she is a person that you can trust."

Angela and Evan (Buyers)

"I cannot say enough great things about Kristen. She helped us purchase our home and we are incredibly grateful for the care she showed us throughout the process. She took the time to understand what we were looking for and never pushed us outside of our budget. We looked for many months and Kristen consistently responded to emails & texts promptly, showed us properties around our schedules, and most of all, we never felt like she was too busy to help. She is kind and genuine, exactly what you'd want from someone assisting you in such an important purchase. We often had our young kids with us, and she was so good with them. She also guided us through the financial aspect of the purchase and pointed us to a lender who assisted us with care. We found the perfect place to call home and know it wouldn't have been as special if the buying process had not been so smooth. I will be sending my friends and family to Kristen and highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home!"

Aylin (Buyer)

"Kristen is one of those people everybody loves... and she also loves to help others. She has been quick to respond and help us on our real estate needs with thoughtful, sound advice and a very personable attitude."

Shirley and Ben (Sellers)

"Kristen was so easy to work with and was very compassionate when when selling our home. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat."

Elena (Buyer)

"Kristen cares about people and their needs. She is very genuine and I would recommend her as your Real Estate Agent."

Michelle and John (Buyers)

"If you have a busy schedule like my husband and I, I highly recommend Kristen to be your real estate agent. Kristen did an amazing job at always working around our busy schedules to drive around the greater Seattle area and check out homes. Kristen did a great job on honing in on what we wanted, and was always asking questions to make sure we were on the right track. One of the best parts about working with her has been her ease at which we look through homes. Never pushy and always upfront about potential pitfalls and what work might need to be done."

Brent and Maggie (Buyers)

"We met Kristen at an open house for a townhouse she was selling in Fremont just after we started looking for a new place. While that townhouse was clearly out of our range, Kristen was extremely friendly and willing to sit and share her experience with two people who knew absolutely nothing about buying houses generally, much less competing for property in Seattle. We asked Kristen to help us make an offer on another small townhouse near SPU. When we were beat out on that place by offers well over $100,000 above list price, we were skeptical that we would be able to afford anything in town, but Kristen didn't give up. She sent us hundreds of listings from Shoreline to Columbia City, and we gradually narrowed in on what we wanted and what we could manage to get. Eight rollercoaster weeks later we closed on a beautiful townhouse on 8th Avenue north of Ballard that's just about everything we could have asked for.

Buying a house in a market like Seattle will never be an easy process, unless you happen to have a million dollars in cash sitting around. That said, Kristen's expertise and sheer relentlessness really helped us make the connection between what we wanted and what was out there. We would highly recommend her to any first-time home buyers."

Angela and Jeremy (Sellers and Buyers)

"I've known Kristen for almost 5 years, and she is absolutely the best! In addition to being a considerate and reliable friend, she's knowledgeable about the housing market, incredibly patient, generous with her time, and above all, she's honest and trustworthy. Kristen helped us with our 1031 Exchange in April. It was a month when both my husband and I overextended ourselves at work and volunteering at our children's school. While selling our townhouse in Seattle was easy enough in this market, we were tasked with BUYING a home within 45 days of closing on the townhouse, in order to qualify for the 1031 Exchange. We didn't think it would be possible and we barely had time to look at houses, but Kristen went above and beyond to help us find a house. Within 3 weeks of closing on the townhouse, we put an offer down on a home. Kristen thought it would be helpful if we could write a personal letter to the seller telling them about our family. When my husband and I did not have the time to do so, Kristen took the initiative and wrote the seller a glowing letter about our family from her perspective of having known us personally for almost 5 years. I remember getting the call from Kristen that our offer had been accepted the next day, as my husband and I were decorating the school cafeteria for a dance. We even beat an offer that was higher than ours. Under Kristen's guidance, we were able to sell and buy a home within a month's time. That is nothing less than miraculous in this housing market! We love our new house, and we can not recommend Kristen enough!"

Sarah and Volker (Sellers)

"Kristen is just excellent! She recently helped us sell a Magnolia rental property that had also been our home. Though we sold privately, there were still many details to be discussed and negotiated. Kristen was proficient, fast, and professional! She made the whole process stress-free for us which we are so thankful for. We highly recommend Kristen to anyone looking for a real estate agent. She is wonderful!"

Emily and Devin (Buyers)

"Kristen was incredibly accessible and always making sure our needs were met - every step of the way, from our first conversation through closing and beyond."